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New York State Pension Rights for Same Sex Couples

As I have stated elsewhere, the issues regarding homosexual marriages changes faster than I can post. This post is obsolete, but I am keeping up because as a tribute the courage and fine work of Tom DiNapoli. ┬áSince homosexual marriages…

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Equitable Estoppel And Paternity

In an earlier posting, I discussed a legal concept known as “equitable estoppel”. This is principal which allows a court to declare that a man is the legal father, even though is not the biological father. Recently, Judge Richard Lawrence,…

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Parental Alienation

Judge Richard Lawrence, Family Court, Nassau County, noted in Matter of FS-P v. AHR, published in the New York Law Journal on August 31, 2007, that “a court may suspend a non-custodial parent’s duty to provide child support after a…

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