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Gay and Lesbian Child Custody Pitfalls

While the passage of the Marriage Equality Act in New York legalizing gay and lesbian marriages is an important advance in civil rights there are important issues which still need to be resolved. This post will focus on the issue…

0 Comments / 199 View / August 21, 2014

Equitable Estoppel And Paternity

In an earlier posting, I discussed a legal concept known as “equitable estoppel”. This is principal which allows a court to declare that a man is the legal father, even though is not the biological father. Recently, Judge Richard Lawrence,…

0 Comments / 268 View / September 29, 2007

Paternity by Estoppel

Under New York Family law, it is possible for a non-biological father to be declared the parent. This is called equitable estoppel. The purpose of this rule to is protect a child who has been raised to believe that a…

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