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Gay and Lesbian Child Custody Pitfalls

While the passage of the Marriage Equality Act in New York legalizing gay and lesbian marriages is an important advance in civil rights there are important issues which still need to be resolved. This post will focus on the issue…

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Same Sex Marriage is Now Legal In New York

Governor Cuomo signed into law the marriage equality act. Basically, it means that ” MARRIAGE THAT IS OTHERWISE VALID  SHALL BE VALID REGARDLESS OF WHETHER THE PARTIES TO THE MARRIAGE ARE OF  THE SAME OR DIFFERENT SEX.” Furthermore, “NO GOVERNMENT…

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Homosexual Divorces issue – Rights of the Gay and Lesbian Community

The gay and lesbian community have seen a number of ups and downs in the past few years on the issue of gay marriage. Gay marriage has become a hot topic, not just in politics but with the courts. I…

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Same Sex Divorce – Same Sex Marriage? Trends In New York Divorce Law

This posted has been superseded by the new Marriage Equality statute. But, it is left up for the interest of people who want to see the evolution of the law in this area. The area of Same Sex marriages has become…

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New York State Pension Rights for Same Sex Couples

As I have stated elsewhere, the issues regarding homosexual marriages changes faster than I can post. This post is obsolete, but I am keeping up because as a tribute the courage and fine work of Tom DiNapoli.  Since homosexual marriages…

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Child Visitation With Same-sex parents

NOTE: AS I have said elsewhere, this is a quickly changing area of the law. I have new blogs on this. The big problem for Gay and Lesbian married couples is that the statutes do not protect you in child…

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