Advice and Assistance for Lawyers.

Even a great divorce lawyer comes across new and different areas in the field. We at Port and Sava, having a combined 35 years of military experience and understand that to the uninitiated  Military law, regulations, rules and traditions can seem daunting. There are many quirks from the calculation of support and retired pay, to the New GI Bill and the increase death gratuity that many outstanding divorce lawyers simply do not know about.

We’re here to help. We provide an unique assistance to matrimonial/family lawyers who need help in navigating the Byzantine world of the military. From child support, visitation, divorce and retired pay distribution. We are here to provide the knowledge and guidance to get you through.

We have two tiers of support:

1. A flat rate to review papers. The cost well vary on the number and extent. However, to merely review a retired pay division order and the appropriate clause in your agreement for legal sufficiency, we charge a flat $750.

2. An hourly rate for all other services. These services include memorandum of law, drafting the appropriate papers, appearances in court as co-counsel or a witness.