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New York is a No Fault Divorce State.

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New York matrimonial law can be confusing. While the laws are the same all over the state there are local differences. The problem is that each judge is different. Each county in the lower seven counties, Suffolk, Nassau, Queens, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Bronx and Westchester, have judges who hear only matrimonial cases. You need a divorce lawyer who knows these counties.

We have several pages on matrimonial and family law. Based upon our experiences practicing in the lower seven counties (Suffolk, Nassau, Queens, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Bronx and Westchester), we discuss child support, equitable distribution to gay marriages and other topics. Knowing the law is half the fight. When you know more, you can make better choices.

We have two type of webpages: “pages” and “posts.” Pages contain general and basic information covering many aspects of family and matrimonial law. The pages cover basic topics. There are pages about equitable distribution, child support, maintenance and pensions.The posts also cover recent court cases and how those decision can affect you.

For a general overview we have a FAQs page. The posts cover topics in more detail. For example, equitable distribution is a complex and difficult area of law.

We have tried to write in plain English. Attorneys can sometimes use jargon which can confuse. There is no reason that your questions can’t be answered simply. The law can be frustrating, but the explanations shouldn’t be.

This is your life. It is important to arm yourself with the facts to make this life changing decision.

We at Port and Sava are divorce attorneys who have dedicated ourselves to working with the client to assist them in achieving their divorce goals. This website is an extension of that philosophy. By giving accurate information about divorce and family law we help the client regain control of their lives. Working together, we can help you move onto your future. We are experienced divorce lawyers who work with the client, and never forgetting that it is your life.

We are ready to answer your divorce and family law questions. Please call us and ask about the free consultation with a divorce lawyer. We are conveniently located to all the major court houses. Our offices are located just over the Nassau border. In select circumstances we can met at alternative locations.

If you have specific questions, call us at (516) 352-2999 or email at mail@portandsava.com

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